Sybille Trombi

Sybille Trombi

Sybille is a mother of three who has spent over two decades caring for and learning with preschoolers and children with special needs. She moved to the United States in 1992, eventually settling with her husband and children in the Gresham area. Sybille has a heart for the individual child. Her passion extends to working alongside her husband with children and teenagers in various social and ministry settings.

Sybille’s education is from the Fachakademie for Sozialpadagogik in Schweinfurt/Würzburg as an “erzieher” (field of social work and education). Her work in Germany included teaching preschool children in German kindergartens and working with children at the Institution for Blind and Handicapped in the Würzburg and Munich area.

Sybille began teaching at Portland Kinderschule in 2008. She feels fortunate to be a part of our cooperative preschool and considers every year a new adventure. Sybille believes our truly German immersion preschool facilitates a multi-cultural experience and provides a safe place to learn and have fun.

quotes It is all about touching the lives of the next generation. Loving input is affecting loving output.”

Gerlinde Ashley

Gerlinde Ashley

The oldest child in a family of seven children, Gerlinde was born and raised in Schwarzach, Germany, near Nürnberg, and has lived in the US since 1998. As a mother of two bilingual boys, she has firsthand experience in raising children in a multi-cultural and multi-lingual environment. Gerlinde feels that language can be a window into a different world and believes that living bilingually can become very natural to the children’s way of thinking and playing.

Gerlinde first experienced Portland Kinderschule as a parent. After many years of involvement, she joined our German immersion preschool as a teacher in 2011. She delights daily in the joy and satisfaction of seeing her student’s minds engage and their eyes sparkle with achievement. She believes some of the best moments in a school day are the times of outrageous humor and deep joy that can suddenly erupt in play, or build up with a game or story.

When not teaching, Gerlinde enjoys freelance photography as well as hiking the beautiful outdoors and working in the garden. To stay fit she practices yoga and attends dance classes.

quotes “You laugh, you cry, and you work harder than you ever thought you could. Sometimes you try to change the world and sometimes you try to just make it through the day. My heart is full of joy and my mind is packed with memories of children who have touched my life. Living my life with my eyes wide open and loving what I am doing feels like a blessing.”