At Portland Kinderschule Immersion Summer Camps, campers will explore the world while learning German. Language and culture will come to life through hands-on projects, stories, songs, games and outdoor fun. Portland Kinderschule camps are an excellent stepping stone for parents wanting to explore our German language immersion program.

Teachers will focus our summer program around cultural activities, science, games, crafts, outdoor play, and, most importantly, helping students create new friendships and build upon old ones.

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Our 2021 Summer Camps

14th - 18th June, 2021

Home Ed: Werken und Handarbeiten

We stitch, craft, and build with hands-on activities. Make a little bag and build a tiny house! There will be something for all levels.

Ages 4-8

21st - 25th June, 2021

Zirkus - Zirkus

Be one of the Acrobats, Jugglers, Clowns and Magicians, a walk on the high robe, or a jump through a ring of fire! We encourage kids to try a little bit of everything to find their favorite act. Days are filled with crafts and practice until we finally meet for our big finale!

Ages 4-8

28th June - 2nd July, 2021

Ocean Discoveries

Hop aboard our little submarine and enjoy a journey through the various depths all the way down to the dark midnight zone.  Discover an abundance of ocean life from giant mammals like the whale to microscopic plankton. The camp is hands on with group and individual crafts!

Ages 4-8


Camp Pricing for 2021

1 Camp = $250
2 Camps = $500
3 Camps = $637.50 (reflecting 15% discount)

Camp Hours

Monday through Friday, from 9 am – 1 pm

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