Spring and Summer Camps 2020

Camps for Ages 4-8

At Portland Kinderschule Immersion Spring and Summer Camps, campers will explore the world while learning German. Language and culture will come to life through hands-on projects, stories, songs, games and outdoor fun.

While the camps are a German immersion program, no prior experience with the German language is necessary. Portland Kinderschule spring camps are an excellent stepping stone for parents wanting to explore our German language immersion program. No parent helper days are required during spring camps. Teachers will focus our spring program around cultural activities, science, games, crafts, outdoor play, and, most importantly, helping students create new friendships and build upon old ones.

Our 2020 camp hours are Monday through Friday, from 9 am – 1pm and we enroll 12 campers per camp. An excellent opportunity to explore our German Immersion program!

Portland Kinderschule is required to have a parent camp assistant present during camp hours. Parent camp assistants work 8:45 am - 1:15 pm. Camp tuition is free for one of the parent camp assistant's children and parent camp assistants are paid $13.50/hour. Please let us know if you may be interested in filling this role


Earth Day Camp

March 23 - 27

Our planet and pollution: What can we do to be more conscious and how do we help the environment?

This camp will draw on positive interaction.  It will tie into science and how we can work together to make a positive impact.


Home Ed: Werken und Handarbeiten

June 15 -19

We stitch, craft, and build with hands-on activities. Make a little bag and build a tiny house! There will be something for all levels.



June 22 -26

Understand what happens in science, what is a concept? Why is it important?

We love to talk about science!  This camp will look at what a scientist does, and how we all can be a scientist by asking - observing - learning - documenting - ideas - improving.



July 6 - 10

Come and dive into the colorful underwater world with us! Learn about ocean life and have fun with crafts.

Camp Information

Enroll today!   Spring and Summer 2020 camp pricing is $225 early bird then $245 on February 1st (Spring Session) and May 1st (Summer Session)

Camp Hours: Monday through Friday, from 9 am – 1pm.

Camp Size: 12 children per camp.